Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is a small quilt that can be completed in a few hours.

Basically I want to share with you the technique of free motion Quilt Illustration whilst appliqueing.

So this is the quilt to share the love...

This is one of our Alamagordo project quilts.


1 fat quarter of fabric for the back.
1 fat quarter of orange fabric for the front.
1 X 8" square of black and white spot fabric.
1 ft quarter of green fabric.
1 X 4" square of plane orange fabric.
1 X 8" square of purple fabric.
1 fat quarter of fabric for the decoration on the corners of the quilt.
1 reel of orange thread (50 weight cotton)
1 reel of black thread (50 weight cotton)
1 X 12" square of thin cotton batting.
1 X 12" square of fusible web.
Sewing machine in good order
open toed embroidery or free motion foot for your machine.
small cutting mat.
Rotary cutter and ruler.